Vehicle-mounted air spray and smoke spraying dual-purpose machine

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Key words:

Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment

Product Details

Product Features

This type of fog machine has the characteristics of low labor intensity, high work efficiency, and low prevention and control costs; at the same time, the implementation of low-volume fog, high drug utilization rate and low pollution, has direct economic benefits and huge economic benefits for protecting the environment and promoting forest growth. Social benefits.


Product Parameters


Rotation angle

Rotation angle of vertical plane -15-85 °

Horizontal angle 0-270 °


Vertical range ≥ 30m

Horizontal range ≥ 40m (under static wind condition);

Maximum amount of smoke sprayed

Smoke volume ≥ 70L/h

Spray fog ≥ 570L/h

Fog Spectrum Court Wai

Smoke 5 ~ 50um

Water mist 50 ~ 150um

Volume of medicine cabinet L

≥ 400L equipped with 50 m drug delivery tube and adjustable gun

Engine power

≥ 8.0KW;


Two-cylinder plunger type, power ≥ 1KW

Impeller diameter

≥ 480 mm

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