Traction sprayer

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Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment

Product Details

Product Features

1. The fog range is 360 degrees wide and can be closed at all angles. The wind can make the front and back of the blade evenly sprayed and the operation efficiency is high.

2. The operation process can be completed in the cab, saving time and effort.

3. The orchard wind-feeding traction medicine-feeding machine is equipped with a high-grade combination valve, which integrates pressure regulation, reversing, sectional control, filtration and pressure display, and is convenient and quick to use.

4. The nozzle adopts a copper nozzle, and the nozzle is a ceramic nozzle with secondary filtration, which does not block the nozzle and is corrosion-resistant.

5, high configuration. Fans, pumps and other key components are imported, reliable performance.

6. The atomization uniformity is high and can reach European and American standards.

7. The stirring system adopts two-way configuration of reflux and high-pressure stirring, which can fully ensure the uniformity of the liquid medicine, so as to achieve the best effect of pest control and disease prevention.


Product Parameters



Truck 1500QY

Truck 800QY


Truck 1500QY

Truck 800QY

Overall dimension

3600X1300X 1350mm


Number of matching nozzles



Volume of medicine box



Fog cone angle of supporting nozzle



Supporting pump type

Diaphragm Pump (Italy APS)

Diaphragm Pump (Italy APS)

Mould spray quantity of matching nozzle



Supporting pump flow



Spray frame

40 m

36 m

Working pressure



Matching power

>30 KW

>30 KW

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