Three-wheel single-barrel/double-barrel cleaning vehicle

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Key words:

Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment


Product Details

Performance characteristics

● The frame is an integral welded beam. The whole vehicle is sprayed after pickling, phosphating and electrophoresis special anti-rust treatment, which is not easy to rust and is durable.

●There are three braking methods: foot-stepping mechanical link drum rear wheel brake, left-hand handle flexible axle front wheel brake and manual mechanical parking brake, with good braking effect.

● The whole vehicle adopts sheet metal body, which is not easy to deform. The rear box adopts thickened steel plate, the design toolbox is easy to store, and the tail plate is non-slip steel plate, which is durable.

● The vehicle is equipped with LED lights, left and right turn signals, brake lights, meters, electric horns, rearview mirrors, anti-theft alarms, etc., to effectively ensure driving safety.


Technical parameters


Project Name Unit Parameters Project Name Unit Parameters
Double-barrel car size mm 2930x930 × 1250 Climbing ability % 15
Dimensions of rear box of double-barrel truck mm 1715x660x920 Motor power w 800 (double barrel)/650 (single barrel)
Single barrel car size mm 2250 × 930 × 1250 Power source   48V/20Ah (optional 32Ah)
Rear box size of single-barrel car mm 940 × 660x890 Minimum ground clearance mm 180
Top speed km/h 25 Minimum braking distance m 2
Turning radius (turning in place) mm 2250 (double barrel)/1650 (single barrel) Load trash can specifications L 240 × 2 (double barrel)/240 (single barrel)
Range (full load/no load) km 35/45 Rated load kg 200 (double barrel)/170 (single barrel)


Product Advantages

The MN-H35D electric three-wheeled single-barrel cleaning vehicle can load a 240L standard garbage can. The whole vehicle is small and flexible, stops as it goes, is easy to clean, and is convenient to load and unload. It is suitable for garbage collection and itinerant cleaning in urban streets, factories, schools, hospitals, residential areas, government units and other road sections.

The MN-H35T2 electric three-wheeled double-barrel cleaning vehicle can load two 240L standard garbage cans. The whole vehicle is easy to operate, easy to clean, and easy to load and unload. It is suitable for garbage collection and itinerant cleaning in urban streets, factories, schools, hospitals, residential areas, government agencies and other road sections. Walk with stop, convenient and flexible.

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