Three-wheel high-pressure washing car

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Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment


Product Details

Performance characteristics

● The frame is integrally welded and integrated girder. The whole vehicle is sprayed after pickling, phosphating and electrophoresis special anti-rust treatment. The rotomolding box body is permanently anti-rust, and the water filling part is seamlessly connected with the municipal pipe network.

● The front of the car is equipped with left and right flushing valve parts, which can easily flush the road surface. It is equipped with a movable high-pressure water gun and comes with a 15-meter water pipe.

● The chassis of the three-wheeled electric vehicle with hydraulic shock absorption, the front fork is comfortable to drive and has high seismic strength, excellent performance, safety and reliability.

● The advanced material rotomolding box body is permanently rust-proof, the water filling part is seamlessly connected with the municipal pipe network, there is a water discharge device, the water tank volume is 600L, and the normal flushing time is long.

● PP flame retardant sleeve is used for wiring harness to effectively ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel.

The use of advanced cathodic electrophoresis technology and automotive metal paint, paint has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Technical parameters


Project Name Unit Parameters Project Name Unit Parameters
Dimensions mm 2900 × 1100 × 1550 Minimum ground clearance mm 140
Wheelbase mm 1850 Minimum braking distance m 3.5
Wheelbase mm 880 Water tank volume L 600
Top speed Km/h 30 Machine weight kg 460
Cruising mileage km 50 Rated load kg 600
Climbing ability % 15 Internal combustion engine brand   Beliton
Motor power w 2000 Maximum working pressure Bar 248
Power source   72V/45Ah Maximum working flow L/h 1080


Product Advantages

The MN-H53 adopts Bailitong high-pressure flushing device, equipped with a movable high-pressure water gun, which has the characteristics of large flow, high pressure and compact structure. For the city of "psoriasis", the removal of small advertising and curb, guardrail cleaning has a good effect. Vehicle compact, easy to shuttle all kinds of streets.

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