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Key words:

Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment

Product Details

(I) Product Overview

The car adopts Dongfeng Class II chassis, and is retrofitted with water tank, guardrail assembly, center platform, front duckbill flushing device, middle cone nozzle hedging device, rear sprinkler device, water cannon assembly, gas circuit system and electrical control system. The car has a variety of functions, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, environmental protection, reliable superior performance.


Overview of (II) functions

It is equipped with front duckbill flushing, middle cone nozzle flushing, pair flushing and rear sprinkling devices, which can flush the road surface and reduce dust of drinks. It is equipped with a long-range water gun, which can be used for long-distance flushing.


(III) scope of application

It is suitable for cleaning and sprinkling operations of urban roads, squares, construction sites, ports and residential areas.


Main advantages of (IV) products

1. Superior performance

Water tank structure advanced. The water tank is made of Q235A material, the internal buffer structure design of the anti-wave plate, and the chassis adopts the frame structure to ensure the overall structural strength and rigidity.

2. Excellent quality

High accessory configuration. Low-pressure water pumps, solenoid valves, electrical control components for the domestic well-known brands, good quality, high reliability. Solenoid valve installed in a dedicated valve box, reliable protection, less failure. 3. Safe and reliable

Equipped with music player. Music can be played during operation to warn pedestrians around to avoid. Equipped with arrow lights. Can play a warning role in the operation, prompting pedestrians around to pay attention to avoid.

4. Functional diversity

Configure front duckbill, rear sprinkler and middle hedge devices. The road surface can be washed and sprinkled to reduce dust. Configured with a long-range water gun. Can be used for long-distance flushing.

Configure the multi-extension feature. A variety of functional configurations can be expanded according to the individual needs of customers, such as up and down spraying, left and right greening watering, up and down greening watering, self-priming, salt melting stirring, etc. 5. Humanized operation

Front duckbill rinse, middle conical bill rinse. After the drinks are controlled by electricity and gas, which is convenient and flexible.


Main technical parameters of (IV) products

Project Unit Parameters

Vehicle curb weight kg 3580
Maximum total mass kg 7360
Overall dimension (length×width×height) mm 6378 × 1940 × 2250
Minimum ground clearance mm 190
Water Tank (Bulletin) Effective Volume m3 3.83
Maximum volume of water tank m3 4.82

Working speed Km/h Gear I: 11.66, gear II: 22.6
Wash water maximum pressure MPa 0.45
Cleaning water flow L/min 310-700
Duckbill pre-flush width m ≥ 6
Sprinkling width m ≥ 12
Flushing width of medium cone nozzle m ≥ 14
Water gun range m ≥ 28
Pump lift m 45
Self-priming height m 6
Maximum climbing angle (full load) % 19
Braking distance (full load 30 km/h) m ≤10
Minimum turning diameter m 14.7

Chassis model, category, manufacturer Dongfeng Dorica EQ1075SJ3CDF
Number of people loaded 2
Engine model, manufacturer Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power CY4BK461
Engine rated power 95kw/2600r/min
Maximum net engine power 92kw/260or/min
Transmission model 5TS40
Transmission type 5.057/2.609/1.565/1.000/0.764/R4.575

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