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Product Details

Product Introduction

Abdominal shovel (GBD3350) absorbs the advantages of similar products in Europe, North America and other leading domestic brands, and combines the feedback of other models from domestic customers in recent years to independently develop innovative products. Abdominal shovel is mainly composed of shovel plate, deflection mechanism, hydraulic system and other components. After starting the hydraulic power unit, adjust the left and right swing angle of the snow shovel through the remote control button, and then the vehicle drives the snow shovel to move. Under the thrust of the snow shovel, the arc, inclination angle and driving speed of the snow shovel are used to push the snow to the side of the road. So as to achieve the purpose of quickly and efficiently clearing snow or floating ice on the road.


Model GBD3350
Product weight (kg 1225
Snow removal width (mm) 3350
Deflection angle (° ±45
Snow removal speed (km/h) 0-10
Control voltage (V 24
System pressure (MPa) 21
Working pressure (tons 12
Height of web plate (mm) 508
Obstacle avoidance height (mm) 50
Swing cylinder stroke (mm) 305
Lifting cylinder stroke (mm) 254
Thickness of shovel plate (mm) 25
Thickness of blade (mm) 12


features and advantages

Equipped with wireless remote control can be operated within 30m of driving, outside driving and surrounding area

The power foot uses a separate power unit device to provide power for the snow shovel separately.

Optimized layout improves performance and reduces overall volume

The snow shovel is a heavy snow shovel suitable for airports, urban trunk roads, highways and other large roads.

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance When the snow shovel encounters an obstacle during operation, the snow removal shovel will be subjected to a large force. At this time, the shovel squeezes the spring, causing the snow shovel to flip upward. After passing through the obstacle, the snow shovel is quickly reset by the thrust of the compression spring, and the operation can be continued.


Scope of application

Mainly applicable to municipal sanitation roads, airports, schools, factories and other areas of snow treatment. The snow shovel comes with hydraulic power system, mainly installed in the dump truck chassis.

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