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Product Details

Product Introduction

This equipment is a snow removal equipment with its own power unit. Its working principle is to use the power of the vehicle to adjust the snow shovel left and right to a deflection angle, and use the arc, inclination angle and driving speed of the snow shovel to quickly push the snow to the side of the road. In the process of snow removal, the deflection angle adjustment of the snow shovel and the lifting and lowering actions of the shovel plate can be realized in the cab through its own hydraulic power.


Model MH-XC30B
Overall dimension (mm) 1640 × 3050 × 1380
Weight (kg 680
Snow removal width (mm) 2600~3000
Operating speed (km/h) 15-40
Maximum left and right deflection angle (° 30
Snow removal thickness (mm) ≤200
Obstacle avoidance height (mm) ≤ 250
Hydraulic system Hydraulic power unit
Installed model Vehicles above 10t or loaders above 20 t


Lifting, deflection and hydraulic system Model MHS8043
Motor type 24V DC motor
Power 2.2Kw
Hydraulic pump 2.1ml/r
Pressure 16Mpa
Tank volume 4.0L
Solenoid reversing valve Model 4WE6E6X/G24NZ5L
Cylinder domestic famous brand


features and advantages

The high-strength shovel plate shovel plate is made of 65Mn steel, and the high-strength wear-resistant effect can be realized by quenching and high-temperature tempering to achieve the HRC50-55 hardness of the material.

Equipped with a throttle valve can effectively adjust the telescopic speed of the hydraulic cylinder

When installing the snow shovel with a self-locking device, you only need to align the vehicle connecting frame with the self-locking device of the snow shovel to quickly and easily install and remove the snow shovel

With a universal quick connection board, different types of snow removal equipment can be quickly replaced through the quick connection board, saving time and effort

Automatic obstacle avoidance mechanism When the snow shovel encounters obstacles in the process of operation, the snow shovel blade automatically turns backward because the obstacle resistance greatly exceeds the pulling force of the compression spring. After the obstacle passes, the shovel blade is quickly reset by the pulling force of the return compression spring, and the operation can be continued.


Scope of application

Equipped with vehicles and flexible, it is suitable for snow removal in airports, expressways, municipal roads, trunk roads (national roads, provincial roads), scenic spots, factories and squares.

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