Snow removal roller brush

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Product Details

Product Introduction

MH-GS1800 snow roller brush absorbs the advantages of similar products in Europe, North America and other leading domestic brands, and combines the feedback of other models from domestic customers in recent years to independently develop innovative products. The roller brush is mainly composed of a brush head assembly, a brush head adjusting bracket, a roller brush mounting bracket assembly, a lamp mounting bracket, a connecting bracket, a walking wheel bracket, a hydraulic system device with its own power, and a control system. Start the hydraulic power station, then press the wireless remote control button, adjust the left and right swing angle of the roller brush through the wireless remote control button, then turn on the roller brush to rotate, and then turn on the roller brush to float until the support wheel lands on the ground, and then the vehicle pushes the roller brush to move. Under the rotating force of the roller brush, the snow on the road is thrown to the roadside, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly and efficiently clearing the snow on the road. The quality is stable and reliable, and the design, material selection, anti-corrosion spraying and manufacturing process have reached or exceeded the level of similar foreign products.


Model MH-GS180OA
Snow removal width 1800mm
Snow removal thickness ≤50mm
Lifting height 0~300mm
Snow brush weight 192kg
Working speed ≥180r/min
Working angle ± 30 °
Working speed 5~25km/h
Bristle diameter 620mm
Bristle material polyethylene metal steel wire
Rated pressure of hydraulic system 16Mpa
Electric control system voltage 12v
Snow removal efficiency 98%


features and advantages

Equipped with wireless remote control can be operated within 30m of driving, outside driving and surrounding area

Strong applicability The snow brush is a light snow brush, which can be suitable for various models and various workplaces, so it has strong applicability.

With floating function in the case of floating open, the oil cylinder into the return oil and the tank communication, can realize the roller brush with the ground floating up and down, to achieve the purpose of high efficiency to clean up the snow

It has a spring bolt type locking device. Through this device, the connection between the snow brush and the vehicle is completed within 3 minutes under the operation of one person

The high integration of the hydraulic system eliminates the traditional power unit device, integrates all actions into one valve group, and improves performance and reduces overall volume by optimizing the internal structure of the valve group.


Scope of application

It is mainly applicable to snow cleaning in municipal sanitation roads, schools, institutions, factories and other areas. The roller brush comes with hydraulic power system, can be installed in all kinds of pickup truck, mini truck or any suitable vehicle front.

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