Snow melting agent spreader

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Snow-melting agent spreader is a professional equipment designed by Maoheng Environment for heavy snow weather. Snow-melting agent spreader is used to spread snow-removing agents such as sand, salt and other snow-removing materials in order to ensure smooth road traffic when snow and ice on the road surface caused by heavy snowfall and severe cold in winter.


Model MH-SY1A MH-SY3/4/6A MH-SY7/9/10A
Overall dimension (mm)
(not including throwing device)
2100x1340x1450 3200x180Ox1350

4200 × 2100 × 1485
4770 × 2100 × 1650

Power (HP) Honda GX390 gasoline engine
Honda GX630(16) Honda 690 (18)
Snow melting agent delivery form Chain scraper chain scraper conveying chain scraper conveying
Silo volume (m) 1 3/4/6 7/9/10
Sprinkle width (m) 2 ~~ 12 adjustable 2~12 adjustable 2 ~~ 12 adjustable
Sprinkle amount (g/m2) 20~100 adjustable 20~150 adjustable 20~150 adjustable
Hydraulic system pressure (MPa) / ≤ 16 ≤ 16
Control unit / 12V hydraulic control valve 24V hydraulic control valve
Hydraulic flow (L/min) / 30 60
Conveying motor (mU/r) / 250 315
Disk motor row (ml/r) / 25 25
Diameter of rotary table (mm) 500 480 480
Working speed (km/h) <50 <50 <50
Matching vehicle Pickup trucks, etc. More than 5T truck More than 8T truck


features and advantages

Automatic adjustment has the function of adjusting the spreading density and width according to the environmental conditions

Self-contained power Self-contained power does not affect the performance of the vehicle and is convenient for customers to operate

A dedicated outlet is designed with a dedicated discharge outlet for convenient and quick discharge.

Adaptable to adjust the spreading density and width can adapt to cope with different working environment conditions


Working principle

The snow-melting agent spreader uses the working principle of centrifugal force ejection. The snow-melting agent measured by the material door and the transportation equipment is sent into the disc-type spreading equipment and then thrown at a certain interval under the centrifugal force of the high-speed rotating disc. The higher the speed, the farther the stroke.


Scope of application

Suitable for snow removal operations on high-grade highways, highways, urban roads, airports, squares, and scenic roads

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