Snow Thrower

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Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment


Product Details

Product Introduction

The snow throwing machine is a self-powered snow removal equipment, with high snow removal efficiency, stable and reliable work. Whether it is a large area of snow, or blizzard, can effectively complete the snow removal operations. The snow thrower integrates the functions of snow throwing and loading. It can be used alone to throw snow, and can also be used in conjunction with dump trucks for snow loading and transportation.


Model MH-28APX
Overall dimension (mm) 1950 × 2820x3300
Engine Cummins Diesel Engine/Carter 7.1
Ability to work 2500 tons/hour
Drive system Hydraulic type (equipped with clutch and voltage stabilizing protection device)
Filter Replaceable Cassette
Engine power (KW) 194/155
Displacement (L) 6.7/7.1
Start mode Electric start
Cleaning width (m) 2.7
Cleaning height (m) 1.3
Snow throwing distance (m) 45
Snow cylinder rotation angle 300 degrees
Sprocket box capacity (L) 26
Diesel capacity (L) 180
Hydraulic oil capacity (L) 9
Transmission mode Chain sprocket drive
Gross net weight (Kg) 3500
Equipped with traveling models 50 or more loaders


features and advantages

streamlined appearance optimization appearance design streamlined haoshi more elegant

Pay attention to the details of the weld treatment uniform paint process advanced appearance pay attention to high grade

Hood door side opening hood door side opening design maintenance is very convenient

Refined Pipeline Design Rationalization Pipeline Layout Beautiful and Practical Easy to Check and Repair

Strong ability to throw snow, strong ability to remove snow, good effect

Structural system strengthening structural system auger strengthening design stability better reliability

The high-power engine is equipped with a high-power 194KW engine with strong power, low fuel consumption and low noise, meeting the requirements of snow removal

In-cab operation Equipped with low-temperature cold start function Advanced electro-hydraulic control operation is easier and more convenient


Scope of application

The snow thrower is suitable for high-speed, road and bridge snow throwing operations, and is suitable for snow loading operations on urban roads. The operation speed is fast, is the ideal snow removal machinery, to meet the requirements of the city's rapid snow removal.

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