Self-loading garbage truck

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Key words:

Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment

Product Details

(I) Product Overview

The car is modified from Chongqing Changan Class II chassis with special working devices such as garbage bins, pressure filling devices, barrel turning mechanisms, sub-frames, hydraulic systems and electronic control systems. The car has beautiful appearance, comfortable driving, convenient operation, flexible, reliable and low operating cost.


Overview of (II) functions

It is mainly used for the collection and transfer of barreled or bagged garbage, and can also be used with large and medium-sized garbage compression trucks and horizontal garbage compression stations.


(III) scope of application

It is suitable for the collection and transfer of 24OL/120L barreled domestic garbage and bagged domestic garbage on urban or township blocks and roads. This car has a small turning radius, small and flexible characteristics, especially suitable for back streets and alleys, urban villages and the old city and other road narrow areas of garbage collection.


Main advantages of (IV) products

1. Superior performance

Advanced design and manufacturing process. The main stressed components such as dustbin, barrel turning mechanism and sub-frame are made of 590MPa alloy high strength steel, and the whole electrophoresis process is adopted.

2. Excellent quality

High accessory configuration. Hydraulic and electrical control components are well-known international or domestic brands with excellent quality and high reliability.

3. Safe and reliable

Safety warning stickers. Warning and prompt information for operators and other personnel.

Audible alarm system. It can give an audible alarm prompt message when the dustbin is tipped and unloaded.

Equipped with waste bin safety brace. Can provide reliable safety protection during maintenance operations.


Main technical parameters of (V) products

Project Unit Parameters

Vehicle curb weight kg 1890
Maximum total mass kg 2840
Rated load mass kg 820
Overall dimension (length×width×height) mm 4740 × 1580 × 2075
Minimum ground clearance mm 175
Approach angle/departure angle ° 40/20

Chassis model. Category, production enterprise sc1031XND64A, second-class chassis, Chongqing Changan
Number of passengers 2
Engine model. production enterprise DK15C, Dongfeng Xiaokang
Engine rated power 82kw
Maximum net engine power 78kw
Transmission model MR515,SMR515,LDMR515,MW5G15
Transmission ratio 3.992,2.172,1.434,1.000,0.856,R:4.452
Tires Front Wheel 175R14LT 8PR
Rear wheel 175R14LT 8PR

Working cycle of feeding mechanism s 14
Scraper slide working cycle s 18
Discharge mechanism working cycle s 40
Effective volume of dustbin m3 3.6
Vehicle unloading working height mm 400o

Maximum speed Km/h 10o
Maximum climbing angle % 30
Braking distance (no-load 50 km/h) m ≤ 22
Minimum turning diameter m 9.8

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