Punching drug injection machine

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Key words:

Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment

Product Details

Product Features


The product has the advantages of light weight, quick loading and unloading of drill bits, simple and fast injection operation, quantitative injection, medication saving, low application cost, long efficacy, good control effect, etc. It is an ideal tool for forest orchards and other tree pests and diseases.


Scope of application

It is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of tall trees. The liquid medicine injected into the tree body is transported to all parts of the tree body with the flow of the sap to achieve the purpose of killing insects.


Product Parameters


Maximum drilling depth (mm)


Drilling diameter (mm)

Φ10 、 Φ6

Length of flexible shaft (mm)


Tank capacity (L)


Use of fuel

90# gasoline is mixed with special oil for two-stroke gasoline engines, and the volume of gasoline and oil is 30:1

Portable keg volume (L)


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