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Lukewei Group is committed to becoming an industry leader in intelligent equipment and services led by equipment manufacturing, and building the company's strong competitiveness around the strategy of "excellent quality, intelligent equipment and intelligent service" as the core.

Key words:

Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment


Product Details

Technical parameters

Gasoline engine type: 4-stroke SOHC 3-cylinder

Rated power (Hp/kW/r/min): 50/36.8/5750

Displacement (mL):808

Maximum torque (N * m):65

Compression ratio: 9.4:1

Fuel consumption rate (g/kWh):340

Cooling system: forced water circulation cooling

Ignition system: transistor battery ignition

Fuel supply system: programming control fuel injection

Fuel injection system: electronically controlled

Fuel nozzle: multi-point

Lubrication system: pressure lubrication

Starting system: electric start

Stern plate angle: 5 adjustment: 4 °, 8 °, 12 °, 16 °, 20 °

Propeller: optional

Shift mechanism: front-empty-reverse

Lu Kewei is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of road ice and snow removal, road maintenance equipment, sanitation equipment and emergency rescue equipment. After years of industry and project experience accumulation, the company based on equipment research and development and manufacturing advantages, and constantly carry out strategic transformation and upgrading, business covers road ice and snow equipment, road maintenance equipment, sanitation equipment, urban service equipment, emergency rescue equipment and other fields. To provide customers with road ice and snow, road maintenance, environmental cleaning, emergency rescue operations and other complete sets of equipment solutions.

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