Intelligent garbage compressor

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Intelligent waste compressor our company according to the actual situation of domestic sanitation equipment, learn from the current advanced technology of waste treatment, technology and combined with the actual waste transfer station plant and design and development of stereotyped products. The mobile garbage compression station integrates "sealing, deodorization, compression, and storage" into one, achieving cleanliness, beauty, reliability, and green environmental protection, reflecting the new fashion and new concept of green environmental protection, and enhancing the overall image of urban areas, communities and other places And beauty. Working principle: This machine adopts horizontal compression technology. During the operation of compression, storage and unloading of the whole set of equipment, the garbage is in a closed state, which eliminates the phenomenon of falling off, reduces the escape of odor, and greatly reduces environmental pollution. This machine has a high degree of automation, improves labor productivity, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers.


Model MH10SYz
Processing form Press-fitting
compressed form horizontal compression
Theoretical waste disposal volume (th) 10
Volume of compression chamber (m3) 1.3
Trash bin volume (m3) 10
System pressure (MPa) 18
Maximum compression force (KN) 340
Compaction Density (T/m3) z0.7
No-load jade shrinkage time (s) 35
Maximum lifting force of feeding mechanism (t) 1.5
Cycle time of feeding mechanism (s) 32
Upper hopper volume (m3) 2.5
Motor power (KW) 5.5
Overall weight (Kg) 5400
Power supply (V) 380(50Hz/10KW)
Structure size (length * width * height
(Hopper stowed)(mm)


features and advantages

The whole machine is equipped with multiple functions such as feeding compression, storage and transportation, and is used in conjunction with the hook-arm transport vehicle.

Convenient and efficient installation and debugging are convenient, the whole machine can be delivered to use a car with multiple boxes, circular transportation, high work efficiency

Energy saving and environmental protection will not occur in the process of transportation secondary pollution. Small size, low energy consumption, large loading capacity, low transportation cost, after sand blasting and rust removal and special anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment

Durable box body adopts low alloy steel plate overall welding equipment reasonable structure, light weight and high structural strength, corrosion resistance, long service life

The forced air cooler adopts the forced air cooler to control the temperature of the hydraulic system. In the high temperature season, large load continuous garbage feeding and compression can be carried out in the open air, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of the equipment.

Simple operation The equipment has only two simple mechanical actions of hopper lifting and feeding and garbage compression, which do not affect each other and have no contradictory actions. There will be no wrong operation to form equipment failure, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable


Scope of application

Community, building, hospital, school. Organs, shopping malls, hotels, stations, airports and other related fields that produce a large amount of garbage, its scope of application is very wide; with its large capacity, it can be a garbage bin and garbage transfer station, in a certain radiation radius area, It is a standard garbage transfer station.

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