Intelligent Internet of Things Insecticidal Lamp

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Smart Internet of Things Insecticidal Lamp

The smart Internet of Things insecticidal lamp has all the functions of the traditional solar insecticidal lamp, and the positioning and operation of the insecticidal lamp can be remotely viewed through the Internet of Things platform of mobile phones and computers, and functions such as remote control and counting can be realized, which is more convenient for management and maintenance.

Frequency vibration solar insecticidal lamp

Solar insecticidal lamp uses solar panels as a source of electricity. It stores the electricity generated by solar energy during the day and discharges it to insecticidal lamps at night to induce pests to pounce on the light source of the lamp. A high-voltage killing net is arranged outside the light source to kill pests, so that pests fall into a special insect receiving bag to achieve the purpose of killing pests.

Wind suction solar insecticidal lamp

The air suction type insecticidal lamp is a physical insecticidal device. It adopts a pull-out box body and an integrated structure of the equipment. It uses light waves to lure adult pests to the lamp. Then the fan rotates to generate air flow to inhale the insects into the collector, so that it can be air-dried and dehydrated to achieve the purpose of insecticidal.

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