Hydraulic double cylinder hot melt kettle

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Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment

Product Details

Engine: 15PS electric start evaporative water-cooled diesel engine

Hydraulic drive mode: diesel engine through the gear pump, multi-channel hydraulic valve, overflow valve and hydraulic motor drive mixing shaft work.

Hydraulic oil tank: oil tank capacity 70L, equipped with 68# hydraulic oil.

Heating system: liquefied petroleum gas tank through the valve for high efficiency straight economy, spray stove for gas supply, this stove makes liquefied gas combustion more fully, more economical. The heating temperature can be adjusted freely in the range of 0-300 °.

Melt cylinder: The boiler cylinder has sufficient strength and reasonable toughness to make it have a significant heat transfer effect, and can accommodate 800kg (about 32 packs of hot melt paint)

Thermometer: heat conduction oil sensing type heat resistant seismic temperature gauge, temperature sensing more accurate.

Operation mode: manual multi-way control valve to control the two-cylinder agitator to do positive and negative mixing.

Shape structure: high strength, high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation double-layer stainless steel plate structure design, the pedal is non-slip pedal.

Safety device: multi-way control valve has a special unloading device to prevent misoperation.

Size and weight: 1800mm × 1500mm × 1600mm 800kg

Lu Kewei is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of road ice and snow removal, road maintenance equipment, sanitation equipment and emergency rescue equipment. After years of industry and project experience accumulation, the company based on equipment research and development and manufacturing advantages, and constantly carry out strategic transformation and upgrading, business covers road ice and snow equipment, road maintenance equipment, sanitation equipment, urban service equipment, emergency rescue equipment and other fields. To provide customers with road ice and snow, road maintenance, environmental cleaning, emergency rescue operations and other complete sets of equipment solutions.

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