Four-wheel road maintenance vehicle

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Key words:

Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment


Product Details

Performance characteristics

● Suitable for road maintenance, removal of urban "psoriasis" and roadside ground oil, etc., can also be used for disinfection and spraying pesticides.

● Non-load-bearing body structure, reinforced axle, integral riveted chassis frame with vertical and horizontal beams, with high overall strength and strong bearing capacity.

● The control system has safety functions such as anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-speeding, electronic anti-sliding, fault reporting, EPS, etc.

The cleaning device is composed of front cleaning device, hedging device, manual spray gun device, etc.

● When the front cleaning device is working, the high-pressure water flow can form a complete cleaning plane, and the electric control can adjust the up and down rotation and the left and right deflection.

● Post-mounted manual high-pressure spray gun, high-end 15-meter long coil with high-pressure water gun, easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving, and large operating range,

● Easily clean up concentrated stains and small street ads.


Technical parameters


Project Name Unit Parameters Project Name Unit Parameters
Dimensions mm 4300 × 1500 × 2100 Minimum ground clearance mm 170
Wash width mm 1450 Minimum braking distance m 4
Number of passengers People 2 Machine weight kg 1800
Wheelbase mm 2100 With directional assist   Yes
Water tank volume L 1500 internal combustion engine   Beliton XR2100
Top speed Km/h 30 high pressure pump   Domestic ZD2812
Cruising mileage km 8o Maximum working pressure Bar 150
Climbing ability % 20 Maximum flow L/h 1800
Motor power kw 7.5 Heating power (optional) kw 59
Power source v 72 Heating temperature (optional) °C 30-98


Product Advantages

MN-H51 the car is equipped with a pre-flushing device and a movable water spray gun, it can be used for road maintenance, ground cleaning, vegetation cleaning and watering, building statue cleaning, etc., and can also be used for disinfection and spraying pesticides. It is suitable for road maintenance, flushing roadside stalls and removing "psoriasis", small advertisements, road boards, guardrails, dead corners of road cliffs and other parts in the city.

Lu Kewei is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of road ice and snow removal, road maintenance equipment, sanitation equipment and emergency rescue equipment. After years of industry and project experience accumulation, the company based on equipment research and development and manufacturing advantages, and constantly carry out strategic transformation and upgrading, business covers road ice and snow equipment, road maintenance equipment, sanitation equipment, urban service equipment, emergency rescue equipment and other fields. To provide customers with road ice and snow, road maintenance, environmental cleaning, emergency rescue operations and other complete sets of equipment solutions.

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