Fog gun machine

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Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment

Product Details

Product Introduction

Fog gun machine is a new product with high efficiency and energy saving independently developed based on years of experience and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. It can realize the air-sending sprayer product that sprays liquid over a long distance, and the size of fog water droplets can be controlled by pressure and the spraying direction can also be controlled. Fog gun machine is an environmental protection equipment with high efficiency to reduce dust and haze. This equipment is widely used to reduce the concentration of PM10 and PM2.5 in cities, and the dust reduction efficiency is as high as 95%. Intelligent fog gun machine using purified water can achieve the purpose of dust, affordable, safe and efficient, fast and flexible, is to purify the air to defend the blue sky super weapon!


Model MH-WP50A
Overall dimension (mm) 1310*1020*1980
Weight (kg 597
Air duct motor (kw) 2.2
Pump motor (kw) 2.2
Water pump plunger pump
Pump flow (L/min) 21
Working pressure (Mpa) 2-3
Supporting power (kw) 7.5 (Diesel)
Control mode Remote control/electric control (remote control distance ≤ 30m)
Angle of air duct (°) Vertical:-10-60 (automatic)
Level: 0-180/0-340 optional (automatic)
Number of Nozzles (piece) 8
Horizontal range (m) 30
Vertical range (m) 25
Atomization range (um) 50-150
Supporting vehicle More than 5 tons of each specification sprinkler


features and advantages

Long range fan blades for dynamic balance test, wind output stable operation time lasting, equipment range of up to 25 meters or more.

Large operating range of automatic rotation and up and down swing, can achieve 340 ° continuous rotation and 70 ° up and down swing, large operating area, wide range

Long service life configuration black cat plunger pump, high pressure, high volumetric efficiency, system stability, long service life

Engines with high environmental protection level and national emission standards adapt to the needs of the market and national policies


Scope of application

Agriculture, forestry spraying and environmental protection work place.

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