Fecal suction truck

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Product Details

(I) Product Overview

The car adopts Dongfeng 4-ton Class II chassis and is refitted with sewage tank, rotating arm frame, suction hose, vacuum suction device and electrical system. Its vehicle beautiful shape, environmental protection and fresh. It is also an industry leader in terms of performance, with an efficient anti-spill and anti-bubble vacuum system.


(II) technical parameters

Project Unit Parameters

Vehicle curb weight kg 3370
Maximum total mass kg 4495
Rated load mass kg 995
Overall dimension (length×width×height) mm 5260 × 2000 × 2475
Minimum ground clearance mm 190
Approach angle/departure angle   27.7/18

Chassis model, category, manufacturer Dongfeng Class II Chassis EQ1045SJ3CDF
Number of passengers 2
Engine model, manufacturer H20-120E60 Anhui Quanchai Power
Engine rated power 90kw
Transmission model 5TS40
Transmission ratio 5.057/2.609/1.565/1.00/0.764/4.575R
Tires Front Wheel 6.50R16
Rear wheel 7.00R16

Suitable speed of vacuum pump corresponds to engine speed r/min 800
Maximum vacuum degree of the system MPa -0.09
Maximum system pressure MPa 0.09
Rated volume of sewage tank m 1.3
Suction depth m ≥ 4
suction time min <5
excretion time min <5

Maximum speed (full load) Km/h 110
Maximum climbing angle () 18
Braking distance (full load 30 km/h) m ≤10
Minimum turning diameter m 14.7


Overview of (III) functions

Used for sucking feces, sewage and other suction operations.


(IV) scope of application

Mainly applicable to septic tanks, sedimentation wells, ditches, suction cleaning operations. Also suitable for oil refining, steel, chemical, housing, sanitation and other industries of wastewater, sediment suction, shipping and discharge operations.


Main advantages of (V) products

1. Superior performance

Chassis: Dongfeng 4-ton second-class car chassis, H20-120E60 engine, power 90kW, emissions up to national 6 standards.

Vacuum pump: adopts domestic famous brand, the maximum vacuum degree of the system is -0.09MPa, and the pumping capacity is 270OL/min, which can fill the tank within 5 minutes. Suction pipe: 7 meters long steel wire braided hose can be used to complete suction and pressure discharge operations.

Rotating arm frame: can rotate 360 °, suitable for multi-directional light operation around the vehicle.

Vacuum pump control device: the four-way valve conversion to achieve suction, sewage, large diameter blowdown ball valve.

2. Excellent quality

High accessory configuration. Vacuum pump, water gas separator, oil and gas separator are well-known domestic brands, excellent quality, high reliability.

3. Safe and reliable

The sewage tank is made of 6mm boiler steel plate, cylindrical, with high liquid level alarm protection device, safe and reliable. With suction operation quick unloading function, so that the suction pipe can be quickly unloaded, easy to operate.

It has the function of remote pressure discharge, and can realize remote fixed-point discharge of dirt through rotating arm support and suction pipe, which is safe and sanitary.

4. Product configuration

Serial Number Name Parameters Features
1 Suction pipe 100mm diameter. Length 7m Synthetic suction pipe, light and tough
Simple boom, easy to operate
2 Dung release device Dung pipe diameter: 150mm Manually control the opening of the manure outlet. Close
3 Sewage tank Rated volume of sewage tank: 1.3m3 Made of high-strength steel plate, the overall structure is formed half
Spherical head, cylindrical tank body, the top is provided with a manhole.
It is equipped with liquid level gauge and high liquid level alarm. High level anti-overflow, etc.

4 Vacuum pump Flow: 2700L/min
Pumping time:<5min
Multi-stage anti-overflow protection device
High efficiency, low noise
5 Exhaust system Standard: exhaust ball valve The exhaust system can manually unload the suction pipe in real time to make the arm
Easy rack handling.

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