Emergency rescue clothing

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Product Details

Technical parameters

Emergency rescue clothing:

Technical performance in line with the XF633-2006 "firefighters rescue protective clothing" standard requirements, with permanent flame retardant, high heat insulation, high strength, tear resistance, permanent antistatic, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, friction resistance, not easy to pilling, color fastness is extremely stable.

rescue helmet:

The technical performance meets the requirements of the GA633-2006 "Firefighter Rescue Clothing" standard. The rescue helmet is a half-helmet helmet, which is composed of a cap shell, a cap hoop, a cap holder, a buffer layer, a chin strap, etc., and has an interface for installing accessories.

rescue gloves:

The technical performance meets the requirements of the XF633-2006 "Firefighter Rescue Clothing" standard. The gloves are composed of an outer layer, a comfortable layer and a waterproof layer. The palm has a three-layer structure. The first layer is reinforced wear-resistant material, the second layer is flame-retardant ultra-fiber cloth, and the third layer is aramid cut-resistant knitted cloth. The five-finger separation type provides protection for firemen's hands and wrists during emergency rescue operations.

rescue belt:

It is suitable for firemen to climb the ladder and escape and save themselves. Used in conjunction with emergency rescue clothing.

Rescue Boots:

Technical performance in line with the GA633-2006 "fire rescue clothing" standard requirements. The main color of the whole boot is black, and there are eye-catching color reflective logo. The material of the boot top is the first layer of waterproof cowhide, and the inner side of the boot top is provided with one-way ventilation holes. Shoelaces: Flame-retardant orange laces, with a pull-up bag above the tongue for storing shoelaces. The rubber outsole is wear-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant, folding-resistant, light, breathable, comfortable, and the shoe sole adopts a concave-convex non-slip design structure, non-slip (high non-slip coefficient), and comfort elasticity is more obvious.

Lu Kewei is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of road ice and snow removal, road maintenance equipment, sanitation equipment and emergency rescue equipment. After years of industry and project experience accumulation, the company based on equipment research and development and manufacturing advantages, and constantly carry out strategic transformation and upgrading, business covers road ice and snow equipment, road maintenance equipment, sanitation equipment, urban service equipment, emergency rescue equipment and other fields. To provide customers with road ice and snow, road maintenance, environmental cleaning, emergency rescue operations and other complete sets of equipment solutions.

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