Dump sweeper

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Key words:

Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment


Product Details

Performance characteristics

● The front windshield can be moved up, with good ventilation and humanized design concept to provide users with a safe and comfortable operating environment.

● Using 48V210Ah lithium battery or maintenance-free battery pack as power, energy saving and environmental protection, longer continuous use.

The use of advanced filtration system, filtration area of 9m2, cleaning time is longer, easy to replace the filter.

● Increase the impeller, greater negative pressure, greater flow, dust collection capacity is stronger. Large water tank capacity, capacity up to 280L, spray working time is long.

● Fully automatic garbage dumping system is equipped with three-position four-way hydraulic valve, hydraulic workstation, hydraulic cylinder, etc. The hydraulic dump system greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves work efficiency, fully automatic operation, safe and reliable.

● High-quality electronic control system, over-current, under-voltage protection, safer; The driving system has the functions of downhill anti-overspeed and slope anti-slip slope.

● Equipped with front wheel damping device, make sweeping work more comfortable.


Technical parameters


Project Name Unit Parameters Project Name Unit Parameters
Sweeping width mm >1900 Operation power w 800 700 80x4
Work efficiency m/h >13000 (Main brush fan side brush vibration dust)   50
Climbing ability % 20 Working speed Km/h 7
Main brush length mm 790 Driving speed Km/h 9.8
Side brush diameter mm 5oo Filtration area m' 9
Power source kwh 9.6 maintenance-free (optional 10 lithium) Turning radius (turning in place) mm 1200
Working time h 6-8 Dimensions mm 2220x1900x2150
Water tank capacity L 280 Bin overturn lifting height mm >900
Capacity of dustbin L 210 Net weight kg 1080 maintenance-free models
Drive power w 3000      


Product Advantages

The MN-E800LD adopts the closed cab and the dustbin self-unloading function. Car painting process, car tempered glass, the whole car is elegant and beautiful. Mostly for outdoor use, suitable for high-end residential areas, resorts, scenic spots, etc.

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