Compression garbage truck

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Product Details

(I) Product Overview

The car uses the chassis of the Dongfeng State Class 6 and Class 2 car and is equipped with a dustbin., filling device, shovel, feeding mechanism, hydraulic system, electronic control system and other components are modified. The car uses two-way compression technology after loading. High operating efficiency, simple and beautiful appearance, excellent performance, control mode and operation mode of humanity. Hydraulic and electrical and other core components to select high-quality components, high operational stability, is a reliable. Efficient, simple and convenient garbage collection and transfer vehicles.


Overview of (II) functions

It has many functions such as garbage collection, automatic loading and compaction of garbage, garbage transfer and dumping.


(III) scope of application

It is mainly suitable for the collection and transfer of rural barreled, bagged and bulk domestic waste.


Main advantages of (IV) products

1. Superior performance

Strong loading capacity and high operating efficiency. Adopt advanced two-way compression technology. High crush ratio. Belongs to the leading position in the industry. Short loading time. Large loading capacity. The first cycle time of filling operation and the first cycle time of unloading operation are short, and the process of garbage collection and transportation is efficient and fast. The industry belongs to the leading position.

Feeding mechanism high adaptability, high reliability. The main form of domestic garbage collection on the feeding side or Hanlan. Specifically, it includes: turning 2 △ 0L/6D0L plastic barrel type, turning $0L iron barrel type, turning 6COL iron bucket type, turning bucket type and bucket tray, and the original four-link mechanism layout, adjustable feeding mechanism hanger, hook, etc., which makes the height adaptation range of the bucket reach more than 24Lmm. Fully adapted to regional differences in trash cans. Ensure the high reliability of the feeding process.

Independent locking mechanism and double sealing technology. To ensure the sealing of the back end of the dustbin. Prevent the outflow of sewage. Innovative design of independent locking hooks. Lock the filler. The sealing strip at the joint surface between the rear end surface of the dustbin and the dustbin is finally kept in a pressed state, ensuring the sealing performance of the joint surface between the dustbin and the dustbin. At the same time fully learn from the absorption of foreign advanced double convex peak seal structure. An innovative design of a double seal between the bin and the filler. Using special rubber seal. Good sealing performance. Effectively put an end to the secondary pollution.

Humanized operation control. The operation control box is installed in the driver's compartment and at the rear of the vehicle. The operation control box in the cab can control the pushing and unloading and select the operation mode. The operation control box at the rear of the car controls the operation of the pressure filling mechanism and the feeding mechanism. Very easy to use and operate: especially in landfills. The operator does not need to get out of the car to complete unloading.

Low energy consumption. The hydraulic system adopts 'double-pump' system. Different from the traditional 'single pump' system. The advantage is to effectively reduce the system throttling loss and overflow loss, reduce energy consumption and noise.

2 Good quality

High quality key components. The key components of the electrical and hydraulic systems are all well-known foreign brands, such as proximity switches, buttons, cylinder seals, etc., which improve the reliability of the garbage truck.

High quality multi-way valve., The air-controlled multi-way directional valve is adopted, the valve structure is simple, and the maintenance and repair costs are low. At the same time, make full use of the multi-way directional valve oil pollution resistance characteristics, eliminate the valve stuck phenomenon, improve the reliability and efficiency.

Advanced control technology. Different from the traditional PLC control mode commonly used in the industry, the product draws lessons from foreign advanced and mature technology in the control mode, and adopts the current advanced "℃ CAN bus dedicated controller mode", with high degree of automation, good reliability, low failure rate and long service life. Engine power output control, that is, throttle control, realizes fully automatic control through the electrical system to ensure that the engine can automatically select acceleration and idling states under various operating conditions of the garbage truck, avoiding power loss and system heating, low fuel consumption, and good economy.

3. Safe and reliable

High security. The side of the dustbin is equipped with an anti-drop switch to prevent the filler from dropping due to misoperation after lifting, which threatens personal safety. The product is equipped with an alarm device, which can give an alarm to remind the operator to operate carefully when performing safe operations. The filler is provided with a safety strut to prevent the filler from dropping and hurting people. The emergency stop button set on the left side of the filler can stop the garbage pressing and filling mechanism in any state or any position, ensure the safety of operators and equipment; safety labels are attached to the products to guide operators to operate safely.


Technical parameters of (V) products

  Project Unit Parameters

Vehicle curb weight kg 5220 (basic type) 5410 (turning bucket type/lifting bucket type/turning iron bucket type)
5500 (tipping bucket type/flip bucket type)
Maximum total mass kg 7360
Rated quality kg 2010((basic type) 1820 (turning bucket type/lifting bucket type/turning iron bucket type)
1730 (tipping bucket type/flip bucket type)
Overall dimension <long) mm 6420 (basic type) 6855 (turning bucket type/turning iron bucket type)
6540 (bucket type) 6475 (tipping bucket type) 6710 (flip bucket type)
Overall dimensions (competitive) mm 2200
Overall dimension (height) mm 2490
Wheelbase mm 3308
Minimum Highland Clearance mm 190
Approach Angle/High Angle ° 27.7/14;9

Chassis model. Category. production enterprise Dongfeng Class II Chassis EQ1075SJ3CDF
Number of passengers 2 people
Engine model. production enterprise Chaochai CY4BK461
Engine rated power 95 kw/2600r/min
Transmission model  
Type of speed change device Manual MT

Effective volume of dustbin m3 6.2
Filling hopper volume m3 0.8
One cycle time of pressure filling operation s ≤19
One cycle time of feeding operation s ≤10
Loop time for unloading operation s ≤ 45
Control mode / Automatic, manual
The highest car meets the full border) Km/h 110
Maximum climbing angle % 30
Minimum turning diameter m 14.7

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