Compartment removable garbage truck

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Key words:

Highway maintenance equipment | snow removal equipment | sanitation equipment

Product Details

(I) Product Overview

The compartment removable garbage truck is a vehicle that integrates garbage collection and transportation functions. It is composed of two parts: the chassis of the car and the pulling arm device. The matching garbage collection box can be separated from the car body and can be loaded, unloaded and transferred as a whole through the pulling arm device. Garbage bins are placed in every corner of the city by removable garbage trucks. They are used to collect bagged garbage in streets, alleys and communities. They are also suitable for collecting bulk garbage in narrow road areas. Garbage bins can also be used independently as small urban garbage collection stations. After the garbage is collected, it will be transported to the garbage transfer station or directly to the garbage disposal site by the removable garbage truck. This kind of collection and transportation method does not require civil engineering, only needs the ground to be flat and hard, the dustbin adopts a fully sealed form, no garbage spills, no odor emission, and can realize "one car with multiple boxes", which can reduce investment and operating costs.


Overview of (II) functions

The main work includes garbage bin loading and unloading, garbage transfer, garbage dumping, etc., which are used in conjunction with 3 cubic garbage bins.


(III) scope of application

This product is mainly used for 3 cubic bins for transport and unloading.


Main technical parameters of (IV) products

Serial Number Project Unit Parameters
1 Chassis model sc1031xDD65
2 Overall dimension mm 4515 × 1620 × 1930
3 Wheelbase mm 299o
4 Wheel track (front/rear) mm 1330/1210
5 Front suspension/rear suspension mm 725/800
6 Maximum allowable total mass Kg 3495
7 curb weight kg 1410
8 Rated load mass Kg 1955
9 Maximum speed Km/h 100
10 Maximum grade % 30
11 Approach angle/departure angle ° 40/34
12 Minimum turning diameter m 11.5
13 Minimum ground clearance mm 175
14 Engine Model One DK15C
15 Engine Displacement ml 1498
16 Rated power kW/(r/min) 82/6000
17 Maximum net power kw 78
18 Maximum torque N-m/(r/min) 145/3400-4200
19 Rated lifting capacity of pull arm kg 1500
20 Hook center height mm 1015
21 Outer Import Width mm 950
22 Packing operation time s ≤35
23 Unloading operation time s ≤ 45
24 Discharge cycle operation time s ≤ 70
25 Dump angle ° 47
26 Hydraulic system pressure MPa 21

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