Snow removal roller brush

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Product Details

Product Introduction

Snow sweeper is an efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe winter snow removal equipment. It is mainly composed of roller brush part, support wheel, roller brush height adjustment mechanism, movable frame, fixed bracket, connecting frame, pendant, hydraulic system, lighting system, etc. Snow sweeping and rolling is suitable for large and medium-sized vehicles; large and medium-sized loaders do not affect other functions of the vehicle after installation, and can quickly remove snow on the road. Safe, reliable, stable and efficient operation.


Model MH-TX3000 MH-TX3500 MH-TX3600
Overall dimension (length×width×height) 3450 × 2500 × 1500mm 3950 × 2500 × 2000mm 4050 × 2500 × 2000mm
Weight (kg) 1150 1280 1300
Snow removal width (mm) 2600-3000 3030-3500 3050-3600
Operating speed (km/h) 10-25 5_25 5_20
Maximum left and right deflection angle ±30 ±30 ±30
Width of rolling brush for snow removal (mm) 3000mm 3500mm 3600mm
Diameter of snow removal roller (mm) 810 810 810
Brush thickness (mm) 50 50 50
Brush silk material PP steel wire PP steel wire PP steel wire
Equipped with models ≥ 0 loader and ≥ 16t heavy truck
If the vehicle cannot take out force
Add the auxiliary engine power station

≥ 30 loaders and ≥ 16t heavy trucks
If the vehicle cannot take out force
Add the auxiliary engine power station

3 ≥ 30 loaders and ≥ 16t heavy trucks
If the vehicle cannot take out force
Add the auxiliary engine power station


Model RMH-6254
Motor type 24V DC motor
Power 2.2KW
Hydraulic pump 21mUr
Pressure 16Mpa
Tank volume 4.0L
Solenoid reversing valve Model 4WE6E6X/G24NZ5L
Bo-turn hydraulic cylinder Model LKW55/40x250
Pressure 16Mpa
Roller brush

Lifting cylinder Cylinder LKW80/45380
Pressure 16Mpa
Hydraulic motor model Coulson OMT-245
Displacement (ml) 245
System pressure 16Mpa


features and advantages

Independent operation Li Shi was earlier than the "independent operation" of the snow rolling brush hydraulic system of the construction visit pressure system, specially equipped with hydraulic power unit to realize independent lifting and deflection operation.

Work light snow removal device with work light, for bad weather and night snow removal operation to bring convenience

Anti-collision warning with anti-collision warning device on both sides of snow removal and rolling

Anti-impact snow removal device with buffer, anti-impact, self-correcting auxiliary support wheel

The high-elastic wear-resistant rubber support wheel has the characteristics of high elasticity and wear-resistant solid, and its diameter is 400mm.

Humanized design The push-type snow roller adopts humanized design, simple operation, and the whole operation and control process can be completed in the cab.

The pressure feedback system through the pressure feedback system can ensure that the pressure of the snow brush remains unchanged during driving on uneven roads, avoiding excessive pressure or low pressure caused by uneven roads, causing the snow brush to wear too fast or The pressure is too small and the cleaning is not clean.


Scope of application

It is equipped with vehicle equipment, flexible and flexible, and widely used in winter snow removal of high-grade highways, urban or township thousand-line roads, airports, squares, docks, and scenic roads.

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