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Product Details

(I) Product Overview

The road sweeper adopts Class II chassis modification, and its emissions meet the national V standard. The car drives the fan and other working devices through the auxiliary engine, and adopts the working principle of suction and sweeping combination and wet dust removal to clean the road surface. The working device adopts the symmetrical arrangement of "four brushes in the middle and rear suction nozzles" to facilitate the road. Clean the left and right sides. The overall performance of the vehicle is at the leading level of similar products in China, and it has many patents such as "road sweeper cleaning device" and "road sweeper suction nozzle.


Main advantages of (II) products

1. Superior performance

Excellent cleaning ability. The road sweeper can clean the road surface with a width of 3.1m and a cleaning efficiency of more than 95%. The cleaned road surface can achieve the effects of dust-free, stain-free and water-free, which greatly improves the quality of urban road cleaning.

The original structure of "four discs in the middle brush and one rear suction nozzle. The original symmetrical structure layout of "four brushes in the middle and one suction nozzle in the rear" is adopted to facilitate the cleaning of the left and right side edges of the road and the cleaning of the left and right side edges of the road. The structure is now copied by most of the domestic well-known brands.

Sweep the disk. During operation, when the dust suction cover of the sweeping disc encounters an obstacle in front, it can shrink inward to avoid it, and automatically return to the normal working position after crossing the obstacle.

Horseshoe shaped suction nozzle. The horseshoe-shaped suction nozzle has large suction force, combined with the structure of the central four-sweep plate, the cleaning speed is fast, and the road surface with a width of 3.1m can be cleaned efficiently, with a maximum cleaning capacity of 62000 m2/h. Hydraulic valve group is highly integrated. The hydraulic system adopts superposition type electromagnetic hydraulic valve group highly integrated, arranged in order, reliable work and convenient maintenance.

Hand pump emergency system. A manual pump emergency system is set up, which can also retract and lift the dustbin when the auxiliary engine is stopped, which is convenient for maintenance.

2. Excellent quality

High accessory configuration. The hydraulic system adopts superposition electromagnetic hydraulic valve group, which is highly integrated, neatly arranged, beautiful, easy to maintain, and the pipeline layout is reasonable, simple and beautiful. The main and auxiliary engines, hydraulic, electrical control components, water pumps, etc. are well-known domestic brands with excellent quality and high reliability.

3. Safe and reliable

Equipped with voice alarm system. Can issue a variety of voice alarm and prompt information during operation and unloading.

Equipped with waste bin safety brace. In order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, a safety strut is provided at the lower part of the dustbin. During commissioning, installation, testing and maintenance, it is necessary to jack up the dustbin. Before operation, the safety struts on both sides under the dustbin must be propped up at the same time, and the safety struts must be fixed with safety bolts to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.


Overview of (III) functions

It adopts the working principle of combination of suction and sweeping and wet dust removal, and has various functions such as road cleaning, road edge cleaning on the left and right sides of the road, sweeping and brushing water curtain, spraying water and dust.


(IV) scope of application

It is suitable for cleaning and cleaning of common urban roads, fast loop roads, squares, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, curbs and other roads.


Main technical parameters of (II) products

Project Unit Number of parameters

Vehicle curb weight kg 5120
Maximum total mass kg 7360
Rated load mass kg 2110
Overall dimension (length×width×height) mm 5718x2090x2425
Minimum ground clearance mm 190
Approach angle/departure angle ° 27.7/16
Wheelbase mm 3308

Chassis model. Category, production enterprise Dongfeng Class II Chassis EQ1075SJ3CDF
Number of passengers 2
Engine model, manufacturer Q23-115E60 of Anhui Quanchai Power Co., Ltd.
Engine rated power 85kW
Maximum engine torque/speed 320N-m/200orpm
Transmission model 5GT32
Transmission type Manual MT

Sweeping width m 3.1
Sweeping speed Km/h 3~20
Cleaning speed Km/h 10 to 20
Dumpster volume m3 4.5
Effective volume of dustbin m3 2.5
Maximum cleaning capacity m'/h 62000
Discharge angle ° ≥ 45

Maximum speed Km/h 110
Maximum climbing angle % 30
Braking distance (full load 30 km/h) m ≤10
Minimum turning diameter m 13.6

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